Stillwater Springs is a post-apocalyptic action comic about greed, community and survival. Set generations after the end in a cold, dry wasteland, the story follows characters connected to the town of Stillwater, an uncommon beacon of civilisation in the otherwise harsh new world.


Each page is uploaded as it is completed, with the aim to have a full, finished graphic novel at the conclusion of the story. The comic will be free to read online, but as each chapter comes out full high res pdfs will be available, and a print collection at the conclusion. Keep updated on page progress by subscribing to the RSS, following my twitter, or subscribing on a comic reader such as Comic Rocket.


Stillwater Springs is created in my free time that isn't spent freelancing or working on my other comic Greasy Space Monkeys. If you'd like to contribute to speeding up the page rate, please consider supporting the comic through Patreon, which helps pay for materials and frees up my time from other projects.


Here's to the future, 'cause the past is dust.


<3 Reine